Let's Talk About Sugar...

We see green juice and think it’s healthy because, well, it’s veggies...right? But have you ever turned the bottle and read the nutrition label? ...

Why Choose Organic?

What’s the deal with Organic? You see it on labels, you see it in ads, you basically see it everywhere nowadays. But is it really healthier than ...

Start Your Morning the SMART Way

It’s 6 a.m and you hear your alarm go off...ugh! We know what it’s like to be rushing every morning and dashing through the door without having a ...

5 Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track on Halloween

October is a beautiful yet scary month. How can a month be scary you ask? One word. Holidays. Many people get excited and start bringing out the...

Add A Little Spice To Your Life...

We know what it’s like to be googling for healthy pancake recipes that have little to no ingredients because, well, we’re all too busy. We don’t ha...

4 Reasons to Have Protein in The Morning

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.


We’ve heard it for ages, but it’s time to get real- what you eat for breakfast is the important part!

Why World Vegetarian Day Should Be Everyday

With World Vegetarian Day coming up (October 1st), we thought we’d refresh your memory on some of the benefits of going vegetarian. World Vegetarian Day was founded by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977 and further endorsed by the International Vegetarian Society in 1978. Here are several reasons why more and more people choose to eliminate (or at least reduce) meat consumption every day, and why you should consider changing your diet. We encourage you to try out vegetarianism- at least for the month of October!

How To Prepare For A Juice Cleanse

So you’ve probably read up on some of the health benefits of juice cleansing and here you are- ready to try it out. But before you jump in, make sure you take the time to prepare for a juice cleanse; you’ll be thanking your future self.

10 Back To School Tips For Every Student

It’s back-to-school season, and we know it can be hard shifting from lazy summer days to the fast-paced environment of school. So, whether you’re a parent trying to prepare your kids or a student yourself, here are some helpful tips to meet the school year with loads of confidence, minimal stress, and a smooth and painless transition.

Why You Should Add More Grass (Yes… Grass) To Your Diet

Grass? As in, grass?

Here’s the thing- our Organic Pressed Greens is filled with pressed grass juices, specifically wheatgrass, barley, and alfalfa.  Our bodies don't digest grasses very well, so juicing is the best way to receive the amazing health benefits. We’re going to explain how these grasses can contribute to your general well-being, the benefits of adding them to your diet- and an easy way to do so.

7 Easy Ways To Lower Your Sugar Intake

Did you know that according to the American Heart Association, women are only supposed to consume 25 grams of sugar per day, and men 36 grams?

4 Health Benefits of Juice Cleansing

These days, juice cleansing seems to be tabooed for several reasons. People often claim that cleanses can be loaded with too much sugar, not enough...
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