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Smart Pressed Juice brings you the healthiest, most nutrient-dense vegan superfood juices. Winner of the 2017 Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine's best superfoods powder.








Get that fresh, just juiced feeling every single day. Our bodies crave organic vegetables in order to thrive – Smart Pressed Juice is the easiest way to get all your vegetables for the day. 




Smarter Habits in 30 Seconds

There is so much noise in the health space with how to improve our health. There are fitness programs, pills to take and books to read.

However, we believe the most powerful medicine on earth simply resides in the humble green vegetable. That's why we created the smartest program to incorporate fresh, organic plants into your every day life. 

Just imagine how you would feel if you ate clean every single day! 


3 Steps to Plant-Based Health

The key to health is getting the widest variety of plants every single day. We break it down into three simple steps:

1. Plant-based Protein

Be unstoppable with our organic and complete plant-based protein. Light, creamy and so easy to drink. Features an unmatched variety of 10 different superfoods, each providing a unique profile of nourishment so you can conquer the day.

2. Organic Greens

Get that fresh, just-juiced feeling every single day. Our bodies crave organic vegetables in order to thrive- this is the easiest way to get all your veggies for the day. Our multiple award-winning greens juice powder is brimming with phytonutrients from over 22 organic veggies.


3. Activated Sprouted Fibers

Feel light, clean and happy with our activated sprouted plant fibers that act as your daily mini-cleanse. Our unique blend of 15 superfoods help you feel refreshed, combats bloating and keeps your cravings under control.  Our refreshing Pineapple Chia Cleanse is a fantastic way to get your fiber and enjoy the natural benefits of a healthy gut, flatter tummy and slimmer waistline.



Get Smarter Habits


The Best of Plant-Based Health in Just Three Steps


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