+ Where are SMART Pressed Products made?

We source our high-quality juice ingredients from the best options available around the world. The final juice products are produced in our multi quality control certified plant in sunny Southern California

+ How does SMART Pressed juice powders compare to popular juice products on the market?

Smart Pressed Products typically have higher variety of organic ingredients in each formula. The naturally occurring nutrients are locked in the form of dried powder until reactivated by liquid. Our products never require pasteurizations, preservatives or refrigeration. Our products use high efficiency, low calorie sweetener from organic fruits and are always low in sugar. Many of the popular juices you can find on the market contain up to 40g of sugar per serving, as much if not more than sodas!

+ What are natural flavors?

We use essences extracted from fruits to flavor our products with as little impact on sugar and nutrient efficiency of the product formula. For example, our vanilla flavors are derived from the vanilla bean essence concentrated to deliver the experience and taste of consuming vanilla. The flavors are always organic compliant, G.R.A.S. certified and non-GMO.

+ Can I take SMART Pressed Products while being under various medications?

While our products are plant-based whole food products, most medications are not. It is always best to consult with your physician before taking something new while under medications.

+ How do I know SMART Pressed products are good for me?

Since each human body is unique with differentiating nutrient requirements, the true goodness SMART Pressed products have on each consumer varies. However, the quality of the products should not! Starting from each ingredient needing to pass the stringent USDA’s National Organic Program to our finished product plant possessing numerous third party quality certifications, each SMART Pressed product go through multiple levels of testing, validations and quality assurances.

+ How do I consume SMART Pressed products?

All our products are designed to be as convenient as can be. There is no need to worry about juicers, peels, kitchen messes, waking up the sleeping baby, palatability or quality. Just add water to reactivate!

+ Where can I buy SMART Pressed Products?

You can buy them direct on our website, Amazon, Groupon and soon, your local health food stores.

+ Can I take SMART Pressed Products while pregnant and/or breast feeding?

Due the unique conditions our bodies go through during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is best to consult your physician or health practitioner.

+ Does SMART Pressed Products contain any allergens?

Our products are free from gluten, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and soybeans. Some of our products contain cereal grasses such as wheatgrass, barley grass, oat grass.

+ Are SMART Pressed products vegan?

Yes, all our products are proudly certified vegan!

+ Tell me about GMO's?

Smart Pressed Products contains only non-GMO ingredients.

+ Can my children take SMART Pressed Juice Products?

Yes! We recommend your children to enjoy the products by themselves outside of the cleanse program. In fact, all our juices went through taste approval process from the SMART Pressed Juice team members’ children ranging in ages from 2 to 16.

+ Tell me about processing and quality control?

The products are processed in cGMP certified, Kosher Certified, Organic Certified, FDA registered and California Organic Food Processor registered facilities. Each product goes through multiple tests including microbiological analyses, heavy metal analyses, pesticide and allergen testing. Absolutely no product will ever hit the market place without passing our stringent and redundant testing protocols.

Cleanse Related FAQs

+ Will I be hungry during the cleanse?

Our cleanse is designed to incorporate healthy meal and snacks throughout the day. Since more cleansers will experience the reduction of calorie, it is possible to feel slight hunger during the cleanse. This cleanse will not starve you of food and most will never experience hunger pains during the program.

+ How will it affect my bowel movement?

Since the input of food will be reduced the during the cleanse, it will reduce your bowel movement. Since you will be consuming higher amount of liquid, the toxins will leave the body through higher frequency of urination. You should experience an easier and more natural bowel movement after the cleanse.

+ Can my children cleanse with me?

Due to the sensitive nutrient requirements of a developing child, we do not recommend our cleanse for children.

+ Is the order in which I consume the juices matter?

The cleanse is designed to closely follow our bodies' natural circadian rhythm. So in the morning, whip up a delicious Vanilla Proteini with some almond milk, banana, dates and nut butter to provide slow burning energy throughout the morning. As a mid-morning snack, enjoy a glass of Organic Pressed Greens, perhaps mixed in half ice water, half apple juice. Savor a healthy clean meal (recipe suggestions https://www.smartpressedjuice.com/pages/recipes) for lunch, which provides your body with extra nutrients to support your cleanse. For that mid-afternoon pick-me-up, enjoy a tall glass of Organic Pressed Greens for a burst of green energy. For dinner, you will have Vanilla Proteini again and follow it a few hours later with Pineapple Chia Cleanse mixed in almond milk to ensure elimination of the toxins released from your body.

+ Are there any possible side effects during the cleanse?

Each body is different, while some will experience the following side effects, most will not. Headaches, dizziness and fatigue are typically the sign of heavy detoxification of the body. Rest assured that once the body rids itself of toxins, the side effect will go away.

+ Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

The cleanse is designed to reset your metabolism, detoxify and jump start your healthy lifestyle. Losing weight is very common during the cleanse. Of course continuing the healthy lifestyle will continue to support your healthy body weight.

+ Can I still exercise during the cleanse?

Yes, this will actually help release the toxins from the body as well. However, as your body is already being put through the work of cleansing, avoid heavy and strenuous exercise.