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Smart Pressed Juice brings you the healthiest, most nutrient-dense vegan superfood juices. Winner of the 2017 Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine's best superfoods powder.

SMART Meals - Simple Daily Food Plan


BASIC CLEAN MEAL OPTION: For those of you who want flexibility in how to prepare your clean meal instead of following our recipes, here are the food items to avoid during your cleanse: dairy, soy, eggs, beef, pork, wheat, corn, sugar. Otherwise, try out these delicious, chef-designed SMART dishes below!


Juice Recipes:

Organic Pressed Greens

Vegan Vanilla Proteini

Pineapple Chia Cleanse


Day 1 Recipes: 

Day 2 Recipes:

Day 3 Recipes:

Day 4 Recipes:

Day 5 Recipes:

Day 6 Recipes:

Day 7 Recipes:



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