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$5 Juice Sampler

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A single serving samples of our three most popular juices - Organic Pressed Greens, Pineapple Chia Cleanse, Vegan Vanilla Proteini

Want to try a sample of our award-winning juices? We designed the perfect plant-based juice trio so you can get that fresh, just-juiced feeling every single day. Whether you are maintaining your amazing results from the juice cleanse or keeping up a healthy regimen, these three juices are the key to plant-based health. All you have to do is add water!

Get one packet each of our Organic Pressed Greens, Vegan Vanilla Proteini, and Revive Beets + Roots - plus it includes free shipping!

  • Fuel your body with nature’s perfect protein with Vegan Vanilla Proteini. Featuring 10 superfood plant proteins with less than half the carbs.
  • Refresh your body with Organic Pressed Greens. Featuring 22 superfood greens from land and sea.
  • Get natural energy that lasts with Revive Beets + Roots. Featuring heart-healthy beets, turmeric, ginger and roots that put that pep back in your step. 

Just add water, nut milk or your favorite juice to our juice powders, shake for about 20 seconds and enjoy!

*Limit One Per Customer and One Per Household. Only Available While Supplies Last.