Welcome to the SMART Pressed Juice Clean Meal Plan! We believe that there is no medicine on earth more powerful than the humble green vegetable. To achieve optimal health, we should be eating a variety of 10 - 15 servings of fresh, organic vegetables daily. Most of us don’t even know where to start if we want to incorporate that many veggies into our diet! To make it simple, we developed a delicious menu of SMART clean meals featuring the bounty of veggie and whole foods to help transform your health. Try eating from this menu for the next seven days and experience a significant difference in your body. Every one of these meals is made to pair wonderfully with our SMART Pressed Juice Cleanse. Juicers get to enjoy our delicious clean meals with their SMART Pressed Juices for a transformational one week experience. By the end of the week, our SMART Juicers have recharged and completely redesigned their relationship to food. When you are eating well and juicing SMART, you are completely transforming your health.