Why You Should Add More Grass (Yes… Grass) To Your Diet


Grass? As in, grass?

Here’s the thing- our Organic Pressed Greens is filled with pressed grass juices, specifically wheatgrass, barley, and alfalfa.  Our bodies don't digest grasses very well, so juicing is the best way to receive the amazing health benefits. We’re going to explain how these grasses can contribute to your general well-being, the benefits of adding them to your diet- and an easy way to do so.

The Amazing Trio

  • Wheatgrass 

Our diets typically include a surplus of processed foods, meaning we’re consuming a variety of chemical preservatives and toxins for the body. Adding Wheatgrass to your diet can promote proper digestion and detoxify your body of harmful toxins. Wheatgrass is packed with the vitamins and minerals essential to healthy living, boosting your immune system and leaving you feeling energized.


  • Barley

Barley grass is packed with natural vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber and potassium and contains the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy blood pH. It’s also an excellent way to keep your energy levels healthy and stable to support an active lifestyle.


  • Alfalfa

Alfalfa, our third and final superfood, is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals and contains a high level of amino acids. Due to its high fiber content, Alfalfa also can aid in digestion and soothe your GI tract.


These three grasses provide a simple source for almost every vitamin and mineral we know. Think about it- animals survived on grass alone for centuries. In addition to their nutritional benefits not typically found in traditional green vegetables, Wheatgrass, Barley, and Alfalfa can significantly aid in detoxifying our bodies and providing our bodies with anti-inflammatory properties.


How to Add Them to Your Diet


It’s possible to plant your own grasses in your backyard or take pills to add these three fantastic juices to your diet. However, if you’re looking for a simple and organic way to up your grass intake, try our Organic Pressed Greens today. Adding a scoop of our cold-pressed powder to a glass of water takes less than 30 seconds- the benefits are endless! And if you’re looking for a new way to prepare our green juice, take a look at our website and try some recipes out.

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