Why People Use Beet Juice As A Pre-Workout

Everyone’s heard about the celery craze, but have you heard about Beet juice?

Well, if you haven’t, it’s the next best thing!

Need a little energy boost or an afternoon pick me up? Think Beets.

Beets are loaded with phytonutrients that can make you feel just right, at any time of the day.

Whether you’re a full-time working mom, a stay at home mom, a hard working business woman, or a college student, pretty much anyone, you NEED Beets in your life.

Here’s why...


Beets are high in Nitrates, which provide us with natural long-lasting energy. It can also enhance your cardiovascular health and overall exercise performance. You see, our bodies convert nitrates into nitric oxide, which in turn causes your blood vessels to expand- allowing more oxygen to run through your system and giving you a better performance during a physical activity. Ever wondered why most pre-workouts give you a “pump”? It’s because it contains nitric oxide. However, in terms of beets, the nitric oxide comes naturally.

Vitamins and Minerals

They’re extremely high in Iron, which provides proper oxygen transport in the blood, which in turn helps reduce fatigue. Also great for people who have iron-deficiency anemia.


It has more Potassium than bananas! Potassium helps properly transmit nerve impulses and keeps your memory sharp and thinking clear.


Beets are high in Vitamin C, which is essential in protecting against infections and keeping your immune system nice and strong.


It’s high in fiber, which in turn helps provide a healthy digestive system. 

You know we love our fiber!

Here at SMART pressed, we make sure that our ingredients are not only organic, but filled with phytonutrients that are sure to do your body good! We’d love for you to live a healthier and easier lifestyle. Skip the hassle of juicing messy beets, and grab our Revive Beets + Roots juice (launching Wednesday, February 6th) for your daily dose of clean energy.

Ditch the caffeine and drink Beets.

Cleaner energy with a boost of phytonutrients!

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