Why is Juicing in a Community the Smarter Way to Juice?

You have most likely made the choice a few times now: To follow a certain juice program, book or system. The wheels start churning, you do your homework, planning and preparation. Day 1 begins with ease and confidence. Then day three and four roll around and the motivation dwindles, you feel overwhelmed and you start to question the entire process.

The solution: community support.

Having a community to connect with is of the utmost importance when it comes to making healthy lifestyle shifts and making them stick. When embarking on a 7-day juice cleanse, the road can get a little bumpy. Questions arise, energy may dwindle and you begin to feel signs of detox. A community is the anchor where you will find motivation, inspiration and answers to help you through your unique process. When one member of the pack is feeling down, the others are there to lift you up. You might be the one who is feeling energized and alive by day 3 – What a beautiful opportunity to encourage a new friend to stick with it.
Countless studies show that having an accountability system set in place when embarking on a new healthy living or exercise program is key to your adherence and success.
Life is busy and it is often the easy choice to let something get in the way of following a cleanse in its entirety or taking the time to go for a walk. But when you are a member of a group and you decide to show up for them or even just for that one person you are checking in with, you have renewed excitement daily to make the choice to stick with it. Others may be feeling the same way you are and you accept the opportunity to ask for support or give it and BAM!!.. back on track. And that feels amazing, motivating and successful!
Support and accountability are what keep the wheels of motivation and inspiration moving and the fire burning bright.

Do yourself a huge favor: find a tribe and connect. Your body, mind and heart will thank you.

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