Why Choose Organic?

What’s the deal with Organic?

You see it on labels, you see it in ads, you basically see it everywhere nowadays. But is it really healthier than conventional produce?

YES 100%!  Let us explain…

First, let’s look at the word ORGANIC.

By definition, Organic means: to be produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

Now, what do you think non-organic, conventional produce means?

Produce being farmed involving the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Do we stop eating conventional fruits and veggies altogether or what do we do?

Some people choose to buy and eat organic foods to minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals that are in the pesticides used to preserve their foods. In other words, think of it this way, would you rather have an apple that was dipped in a chemical to maintain it’s glossy color just for looks (yes that’s a thing), or would you rather eat an apple that will rot in a few days due to its natural aging process?

Aside from being dipped in chemicals and sprayed with an extensive amount of harmful pesticides, the apples will still need to be stored in a room and sprayed yet again to prevent from molding before being shipped off. Sometimes, pesticides are not sprayed onto the plants themselves, but in the soil in which they will be planted. Therefore, the fruits and vegetables that will be grown are already infected from the seed.

Fun Fact: Did you know the average farmer uses 700 million pounds of pesticide in 1 year!

But what if people can’t afford organic or don’t want to pay more because it’s too expensive?

Here’s the thing, there is a reason why it costs more. Organic products tend to require more labor intensive work.

For example, in the farming industry, because farmers don’t use any pesticides nor harsh chemicals, they tend to do more hands on labor work such as manually rotating the crops to keep their soil healthy rather than using a fertilizer.

So, as a consumer, what do we do?

  • Try to buy as organic as possible! The less chemicals and pesticides, the better for you and your overall health.
  • If you simply can’t afford it at the moment, just try your best to wash your produce for up to a minute or longer and peel the skin off thin layered fruits.

SMART pressed is Organic.

After discovering what “organic” really meant, and how many harmful chemicals there are in our produce through conventional farming, we decided to take the organic route. We want nothing but the best for our juice family.

Zero-toxins, just pure vitamins and minerals as it should be.

Think twice before buying your produce or juices and instead of having a pesticide cocktail, choose SMART with our toxic-free juices everyday.

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