Wedding Season Juice Cleanse - Find Us at BrideWorld Expo

Wedding season is upon us! Smart Pressed Juice is excited to be part of the party this summer. We will be heading to Bride World Expo in Costa Mesa, CA on June 11, 2017 to preview our award-winning juices and the 7-day Juice Cleanse.

The BrideWorld Expo will be held at the O.C. Fair Event Center and is going to be the biggest bridal show in Orange County this year. The event is filled with vendors and exhibitors from event venues, make up companies, caterers and more. There are also plenty of fun activities to try, including DIY seminars and giveaways, a staged bridal fashion show, and even prizes for the grooms, not just the brides! Admission is only $12, and you can save half off by pre-ordering online.

Here is how Smart Pressed Juice can provide the best juice cleanse this wedding season for brides and grooms.

FEEL Your Best for Your Big Day

Everyone wants to look their best on their big day, but it's important to also feel great - weddings are time consuming, physically demanding, and can be very stressful! Unlike Pippa Middleton's extreme pre-wedding diet, our juice cleanse is not about starving yourself, but nourishing your body and creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Instead, the Smart Pressed Juice cleanse is a fantastic way to increase your intake of beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. All of our juices have one gram of sugar per serving or less – can halt your body’s addiction to sugar by getting you away from sugary foods and the resulting spikes they cause in your blood-sugar levels. Also, every Smart Pressed Juice – not just our acclaimed Vanilla Proteini – contains natural plant proteins! A juice cleanse like ours that is low in sugar and high in nutrients can further help improve sleep patterns, and increase mental clarity, focus and energy – all great things especially for a busy bride-to- be.

LOOK Your Best With Healthy Weight Loss

If you do want to lose some weight, it's important to do it safely and in a healthy way. Always check with your doctors. Smart Pressed Juice is available at select south Orange County doctor's offices, and the cleanse itself was designed and guided by our team of nutrition experts. Great health practices will stay with you even after the cleanse, helping you fight off cravings, make healthy choices and keep you on track until your wedding day. Our juicers also report skin improvements - by removing stored toxins, and flooding your body with phytonutrients, protein, and vitamins, your skin can look brighter and feel softer and more hydrated.

Also, what better way is there to begin your new lives together than as a wholesome, healthy, nourished and thriving couple? Our cleanse program helps shift you away from bad habits you might not even be aware of. Coupled with our incredibly supportive Facebook community, cleanse participants at the end of the seven days report not only losing inches and pounds, but gaining a new confidence and desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Come visit us on June 11, 2017 at the OC Fair Event Center and sample any of our three juices! Supplies are limited. We look forward to celebrating with you this wedding season!

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