Wedding Season Juice Cleanse

Getting engaged? Congratulations! You’re on your way to beginning a new chapter of your life with the one you love most. But before that, there are wedding planners to hire, dresses to fit, bridal parties to assemble, and probably two million more things that have to be done. Here are five reasons why beginning a juice cleanse is one of the best things you can do before the wedding bells ring.

1) Lose weight.

Obviously, this is the big one. Everyone wants to look their best on their big day. It’s important that if you feel you have a desired weight goal, that you start early on
deciding how and what steps to take to meet that goal by your wedding day. Bridal dresses can be expensive, and depending on the style and the cut, unforgiving to weight
changes. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, and Molly Sims have long used cleanses and detoxes to prepare themselves for big events like the Oscars.

Let’sstart early by adding a juice cleanse in the beginning of the wedding planning, with the goal of shedding some unwanted weight, paired with the coaching and guidance from our nutritionist. Great health practices will stay with you even after the cleanse, helping you fight off cravings, make healthy choices and keep you on track until your wedding day.

2) Get more energy.

Everyone knows wedding planning is hard work – and stressful! A good juice cleanse that is low in sugar and high in nutrients improve sleep patterns, and increase mental
clarity, focus and energy – all great things especially for a busy bride-to- be.

3) Engage in a healthy act of self-care.

Some brides go to unhealthy extremes to lose weight for their wedding day. For this very reason, embarking on a juice cleanse is a great way to take care of yourself during a demanding and sometimes hectic time, without risking your health. It’s a fantastic way to increase your intake of beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – every Smart Pressed Juice further contains a plant-based vitamin complex. Juice cleanses such as the 7 Day Smart Pressed Cleanse – all of our juices have one gram of sugar per serving or less – can halt your body’s addiction to sugar by getting you away from sugary foods and the resulting spikes they cause in your blood-sugar levels. Also, every Smart Pressed Juice – not just our acclaimed Vanilla Proteini – contains natural plant proteins!

4) Reset your skin.

A good juice cleanse fosters healthy, glowing skin. By removing stored toxins, and flooding your body with phytonutrients, protein, and vitamins, your skin will look brighter, softer, and more hydrated.

5) Set yourself up for a healthy new life together.

This is the biggest one. What better way is there to begin your new lives together than as a wholesome, healthy, nourished and thriving couple? Our Smart Pressed Juice, live, 7-day cleanse program helps shift you away from bad habits you might not even be aware of. Coupled with our incredibly supportive Facebook community, cleanse participants at
the end of the seven days report not only losing inches and pounds, but gaining a new confidence and desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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