Tis the season to reboot with the Smart Pressed 1 Day Organic Juice Cleanse

The very thought of the winter holiday season conjures up Hallmark-worthy visions of glittering fairy lights, nose-tickling firs, and festive soirees serving up heaping platefuls of irresistible foods and along with that…fatigue, belly bloat, dull skin, and stress. Nonstop holiday activities and expectations can weigh us down and veer us off track both physically and mentally. You can refresh and get back on track in record time with The Quick Fix.

What are some benefits of The Quick Fix: 1 Day Organic Juice Cleanse?

The results pack a powerful punch.

Energy Levels Up

You will feel refreshed and re-energized. The Quick Fix allows your body to rapidly clear out energy-depleting toxins and boost your energy levels.

Immunity Boost<

During the juice cleanse, the phytonutrients from the alkalizing greens and vegetables will flood your system with nutrients. That, in turn, helps strengthen your immune system and protect you during flu season.

Stress Levels Down

Juicing will slash your stress levels way down. A diet with plenty of processed foods, refined sugar and alcohol (ahem, pretty much every holiday gathering) can stimulate the release of cortisol in the body and negatively impact stress levels. A 1 Day Juice Cleanse is chock full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that can help inject some zen into your strained system and let your body reset.

Bloat Begone

The juice cleanse will reboot your digestive system and help reduce bloating from all those holiday snacks that you’ve been gorging on as you watch A Christmas Prince for the umpteenth time.

Skin Aglow

The thirst-quenching, ultra-hydrating 1 Day Juice Cleanse will leave you with naturally radiant skin, no filter needed.

But I’ve got no time!

All you need is one day. With Smart Pressed Juice’s The Quick Fix – 1 Day Organic Juice Cleanse, you can load up on over 50 nutrient-dense certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods. The 1 Day Cleanse program is simple to follow and smartly designed to get quick results. You will reboot and recharge your system and be ready to keep those holiday celebrations going all while nourishing yourself with our plant-powered drinks. Sipping on the juices will take far less time than eating a meal – and it’s easy to drink the juices while you’re on the go. If you plan ahead, you can even seamlessly slip the 1 Day Cleanse into a packed social calendar and not miss a single celebratory meal.

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I’m new to juicing.

The Quick Fix is the ideal beginner’s cleanse because it introduces you to the extraordinary benefits of juicing without demanding a huge time commitment. You can begin and complete your cleanse and be enjoying the post-juice benefits in much less time than it takes to rewatch the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. Smart Pressed Greens provides a handy plan that will gently guide you through the cleanse so you are supported every step of the way from start to finish. The Quick Fix is a great intro to the transformative effects of a juice cleanse. <br><br>

I’ve got way too much to do right now.

Do something for yourself. It is easy to let self-care be buried under all the merry madness when holiday-induced stress is in full swing. There are lists upon lists of presents to buy. Fantastic functions to attend. Cheery decor to be put up. Frantic cleaning to be completed before guests arrive. Instagrammable dishes to be whipped up and served. Your stress level can soar if you allow it to do so. Amidst all these holiday expectations, it is important to take deep cleansing breaths and indulge in some self-care. One way to do that is to embark on a super speedy juice cleanse such as The Quick Fix. You can feed and nourish your body with powerful phytonutrients while sipping on pure, plant-driven deliciousness.

What products am I getting if I order The Quick Fix?

The Quick Fix is perfectly portable and can zip around town with you as you tick errands off your holiday list. You will receive 2 single-serve packets of Organic Pressed Greens, 2 single serve packets of Vegan Vanilla Proteini, and 1 single-serve packet of Pineapple Chia Cleanse. You will also get a program guide and access to a tasty chef-designed meal plan that pairs winningly with your juice cleanse.

Want to experience that after-juice cleanse glow for yourself this holiday season? Nurture your body and destress with our 1 Day Juice Cleanse. Visit our juice cleanse page to select the perfect cleanse for your health needs and start juicing smart!

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