Three Powerful Ways to Make Your Lifestyle Habits Stick

How many of us have made promises to ourselves to start living a healthy lifestyle? And how many of us are still trying to figure out how to make that happen? In honor of World Health Day 2017, we would like to provide you with three proven methods to make your healthy lifestyle choices stick.

Create a Ritual Around Your Lifestyle Habits

Simply put, health rituals work. Rituals enhance your confidence in capabilities and results, especially when we feel uncertain and anxious about new lifestyle habits. For those that struggle with depression, the focus of World Health Day, a ritual can be a way to distract the brain from the stress. Simplified into doing the same thing at the same time each day, rituals make it so that there is no need to create a new plan every day around these new lifestyle choices. If your plan is to make it to the gym by 7 am every morning, you know that you will need to wake up a little earlier to get dressed and make your Vanilla Proteini. If your plan is to eat healthier, then working out a weekly meal plan or kicking off a 7-day juice cleanse could be a great way to start. Ritualizing your habits removes the guesswork out of your new lifestyle and gives you the focus you need to accomplish your goals.

Plan for Your Lifestyle Habits

It’s time to make a list of all the lifestyle changes you would like to make. For the first day of your new lifestyle, find a way to incorporate a small portion of every goal into your daily schedule. If not possible all at once, find a way to phase in new habits on a weekly basis based on priority. Be aware of how much time each habit will take, such as meal prepping or shopping for groceries, and plan for it accordingly. Build out your calendar for three months this way. Make sure to make goals for sleep, exercise, healthy meals, self-care, and relationships.

Engage Your Friends

Now that you have identified your health goals, now it’s time to find some help. You can engage your family and friends in two different ways. One way is to gather a tribe of your friends who might be interested in joining you on your health journey. The second way is to simply announce your goals to your friends, and ask them to support you and keep you accountable for your goals. There is growing research that shows a supportive community is more effective at affecting positive health outcomes than our modern health care system. People help each other create good health.

These are some great ways to get started on your new, healthier lifestyle. Ritualizing and incorporating these new lifestyle habits into your daily schedule are the most important steps to starting your new lifestyle. Finally, as we like to say at Smart Pressed Juice, friends don’t let friends juice alone! Joining a supportive community can make all the difference in the world. There are lots of people who have similar goals and would love to know that others are on the same journey. Make sure to connect with us and let us know what your new health goals are.

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