The SMART Way to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

With Thanksgiving around the corner, only one thought comes to mind, “Oh no, I’m going to eat so much”.



Here’s the thing though, have you ever thought that maybe it’s a mind over matter situation?

Hmm...what do we mean by that?

It’s all about being mindful.

Do you mean we can just think about not over-eating and we’ll be set?

Well, yes and no.

According to Christopher Willard PsyD, here are some ways that can help you eat mindfully…

  1. Listen to your body, stop eating when you’re full. Try not to eat past fullness.
  2. Eat when your body tells you to (i.e., stomach growling, low energy). Don’t eat when emotions tell us to (i.e., sad, bored, lonely).
  3. Eating with others at set time and place. Eating alone at random times throws your body off.
  4. Try to eat foods that are nutritionally healthy rather than comfort foods.
  5. When eating, just eat, try not to multitask as it leads to distraction for your stomach.
  6. Try to consider where your food comes from rather than considering your meal an end product.

Keep in mind, this is a practice, much like yoga in a way. Maybe you won’t get it quite right this holiday season and that’s okay. Maybe  try your portion control this year, or simply making sure that you have had enough of your Macro-nutrients (Proteins, Carbs and Fats). You can also start your day with our delicious Vegan Vanilla Proteini to ensure a healthy start to your day. Then take our Pineapple Chia Cleanse after your meal to help get out all the food you just ate, to relieve your post-dinner bloating.

However, if all else fails don’t forget about our Cleanse packs. We know a 7-Day cleanse may seem like a bit much. But hey, if you’re a go-getter then by all means. Now, if you’re on the other side of the spectrum (that’s okay too), then we have a 1-Day or a 3-Day cleanse waiting for you.

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