The SMART Formula!

We are about to share our with you our top 7 formulation philosophies, all of which support our mission to provide the highest quality and most functional juicing experience. 

SMART Formula Philosophies:

Organic Certified: Our products are USDA certified organic for the purest, cleanest products around. We do everything we can to ensure our Juices are free from contamination and never grown in substandard conditions.

No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Preservatives: Since we begin with clean ingredients for a clean taste, our blends don’t need much at all to enhance their natural flavors. All of our products use natural and organic flavors and sweeteners only. These flavors come from natural sources and of the highest standards accepted by USDA and FDA for organic products. Our products are processed in a way that does not require preservative commonly present in other juiced products.

Third Party Certified Facilities: All of our ingredients and product sources are certified by large third party certifiers for both process and quality. In this day and age, selling a product is as simple as creating a listing online. However, we carefully vet all of our suppliers starting from the organic farms to the cGMP certified finished product packaging. NSF/NPA, cGMP, Quality Assurance International (QAI), Kosher by Circle K, and FDA registered facilities are just some of the accreditations earned by any and all entities involved with SMART Pressed Juice’s products.

Sustainability: As much as we would like to be good to our bodies, we need to be good to our planet as well. That’s why we carefully select sustainable, organic farmed ingredients as the basis of all our products. We carefully review and select partners who share the same concerns and drive for sustainability.

Functionality: Our team consists of nutritionists, doctors, and industry veterans who know what ingredients are the best suited in each respective category of products. Our ingredients are simple, scalable and highly functional. 

Analytical Lab Quality Testing: Our products are additionally tested at independent labs, including random testing for allergens, contaminants and content. For example, we conduct gluten testing, random pesticide screens, nutritional content, heavy metal, micro biological testing and many more.

Consumer Experience:  We are always thinking of our Juicers in every formulation that we bring to the market. We tirelessly test and reformulate each our products to reach a very desirable taste, texture and functionality. Our packaging, directions, descriptions and many more aspects of SMART Pressed Juice are designed with you, the end consumer, in mind. 

We will be dedicating future blogs on each formula or product, as well as our ingredients. We will discuss each ingredient in all of our products to show you what makes them work so well and how all SMART Pressed Juices work synergistically together. Please stay tuned for future updates!