STARVING FOR SELF-LOVE - Change Your Dysfunctional Relationship with Food

Author: Erin Walsh



A lack of self-love combined with a toxic relationship to food, marked by emotional eating or compulsive behavior, can spiral into an overwhelming need to satisfy an emotional hunger. The good news? You can break destructive, self-perpetuating patterns and learn to satisfy all the hungers—physical and emotional—that make you human, errs and all. It all starts with loving yourself.

Why do we eat? We eat to satisfy more than instinctual hunger. Your relationship with food is characteristic to your relationship to feeling alive, and to your beliefs about trust, gratification, deprivation, and nourishment. Think about how many times you “rewarded” yourself with a glass of wine after a long day at the office? Or “starved” yourself to look thin at a special event? Such examples mirror a skewed perception, that equates consumption to self-worth. When your relationship to food is dysfunctional, like any relationship, it can become unhealthy. Without acknowledgment and boundaries, food becomes a substitute for intimacy, and self-love.

Follow these steps, and start the journey to foster your relationship with YOU, and let food be food and love be love!



If you took a moment to actively listen to your thoughts, would they be positive in nature? Or pessimistic? Allow yourself to diminish the power of negative thoughts, simply acknowledge the way such thoughts make you feel. Mindfully, let go of negativity and invite optimism and happiness instead. Draw consideration and awareness into every facet of your life and witness the benefits of mindfulness transform your perspective.




Calm the chatter of your mind, and simply allow yourself to breathe and break free of expectations and obligations. Craft a daily schedule that boosts your energy and relieves anxiety. If a home-cooked meal sounds like too much time in the kitchen, skip the drive thru and opt for a healthier alternative like a fresh pressed juice. Simple changes pave the way for a more manageable lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind and soul.



Abandon low self-esteem, and fill your cup with love. Find ways to honor your whole self– body, mind and soul. This step can be as simple a positive daily affirmation, or as elaborate as a nighty journal, that documents your highs and lows in your exploration of self-love. Value yourself first, and shift your motivation to only seek out what promotes and enhances your self-esteem. Nurture every facet of YOU, and consequently build a healthy relationship with food that intrinsically satiates.


Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new– whether it’s a new Yoga class, a green juice instead of your morning coffee or a new recipe. A new experience plants the seed for a new outlook, and new opportunities to explore self-love. It’s an incredible feeling when you realize you can achieve something you never thought possible! Our friends at CorePower Yoga, inspire you to flow with a new mindset that inspires growth externally and internally, “In our yoga practice, we challenge ourselves in order to grow. After all, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.”




Do you surround yourself by negative people, who perpetuate your feelings of low self-worth? It’s time to switch up your circle! Sync up with people who uplift, support and love life! Let positive energy fuel your tribe. Build your community and experience fruitful conversation, a network of accountability and an environment of compassion that opens your eyes to your unique value. Check out the Smart Pressed Juice community online, and see where connections are made!



Passion is a driving force. Whether it’s a hobby, or career, an active pursuit towards doing what you love, gives you a renewed purpose. Use your natural skills to cultivate your passion, and reinforce your positive self-image.



Be patient and persistent. Self-love is ever-evolving. Practice daily even when it’s tough– remember even the happiest people have bad days. So be kind and support yourself through the hard times.



Take a pledge today to transform your relationship with food. When you detach emotional hunger from physical hunger, you will undoubtedly uncover vulnerabilities, however you will also discover beautiful and unique aspects of yourself. Self-love is a process that requires change, community, and a deeper connection to YOU– your talents, passions and dreams. Are you ready to experience a renewed sense of self-worth? Check out Smart Pressed Juice and start your relationship transformation today, expand your horizons, build your community and grow into the healthiest version of YOU!