Starting a New Health Program: Tips to Jump Start Your Health in 2018

With most of the year stretching luxuriously ahead of us, now is the time to set forth health and fitness goals and follow through on them. The health goals can be as drastic or as subtle as you would like. No pressure. Every little bit edges you forward. Just create SMART goals you can follow through on. In no time at all, you will be reaping the powerful, feel-good rewards of your work. To spark your motivation, here are some tips to reclaim your health in 2018.

Consume Mindfully

It’s all about balance as you savor every sip and bite. Rather than adhering strictly to this diet or that diet, try to focus on the nutritional value of the foods and drinks you are consuming. Elevate your health by embarking on the Smart Pressed Juice cleanse that is carefully crafted to fit your body’s needs. With over 50 certified organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods, Smart Pressed Juice’s plant-forward cleanses help sweep away toxins while boosting your health.

Work Out Consistently

If you love your current workout routine, then stick with it. However, if your workout routine plods along on autopilot or is nonexistent, it’s time to create an exercise plan that challenges you. Despite the soreness and aches, you will be thrilled with the results if you stick with it. To amp up your workout and challenge your muscles, toss in an unexpected element to your routine. A fresh new year is the time to check out an intriguing fitness class. Aerial yoga, high-intensity interval training, or trampoline classes, anyone? Be a weekend warrior and go on epic outdoor hiking and climbing adventures. Whatever workout you choose, the crazy delicious Vegan Vanilla Proteini can fuel your workout and help you recover from muscle exhaustion.

Manage Stress

Try some calming yoga poses to bring back your zen. Enjoy a massage at your favorite spa. Breathe in deeply and steadily. Once in a while, unplug and give yourself some time away from the constant buzz of social media and relentlessly negative news. Sip on soothing hot herbal tea instead of caffeinated beverages that have you hurtling towards a caffeine crash. In fact, you can even give your digestive system a breather and your spirits a lift by going on a revitalizing juice cleanse. And above all, capture as much shut-eye as you can so your body can properly undergo repair and detoxification during the sleep process.

Hold Yourself Accountable and Reward Yourself

There are plenty of apps and devices out there that will help you assess your health and fitness and help keep you on track. Better yet, find yourself a living breathing accountability buddy who shares your health goals. An ideal buddy won’t hesitate to put you on blast if you veer off track on your health journey and will cheer alongside you as you crush your health and fitness goals.

Short-term goals will lead to long-term goals. You can set short-term goals to measure your progress and celebrate meeting those markers. Giving yourself little non-food rewards along the way will make your efforts seem all that much sweeter and might be just the gentle nudge you need to move along.

After you complete your juice cleanse, we recommend our smart maintenance program that helps your body keep the results you worked so hard for.  For more SMART health tips like this, make sure to visit and follow us on InstagramTwitter, or like us on Facebook. Be sure to visit our Amazon store to stock up on our travel-friendly juices.