Smarter Juicing- It’s All in the Timing

Do you ever wonder how our bodies perform and behave differently at certain times during the day? That’s because our bodies operate on a 24 hour biological clock. Nowadays there seems to be an optimal time for everything, a life hack for all the best times to perform tasks for maximum efficiency. But at the end of the day, all life ebbs and flows in a biological pattern called the circadian rhythm. Scientists have proven that there are clear and visible patterns of brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities. We have optimal times of the day that are best for muscle growth and repair, rest and physical activity, eating and elimination. By aligning ourselves with these peak times, we can maximize our overall health, strength, hormonal balance and brain power.

So how can we apply this super smart knowledge of our bodies’ circadian rhythms to our love of juicing? We’ve studied these concepts for a long time and have discovered some ancient wisdom (almost 5,000 years!) from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine that also align perfectly with our circadian rhythm. Why fight nature when we can optimize it? Here are the top 3 steps to maximize our natural body patterns and to juice smarter.

1. Rise and Juice

The morning is a time of purification and rehydration. This is the longest period that we’ve gone without eating or drinking. Our digestive system is still snoozing, so it’s important that we adequately hydrate before putting food in our mouths. We recommend drinking a warm cup of lemon water which helps stimulate the liver, boosts the immune system and provides a boost of antioxidants. After your lemon water, your body functions best on something light and easy, like some fruit and your Vegan Vanilla Proteini or your Organic Pressed Greens. The nourishing drink replenishes the tissues and floods your system with phytonutrients. Getting all these rich nutrients early in the day helps start your day off with the right amount of fuel to function at your best and to activate your cleanse.

2. Mid-Day Munchies

Did you know that the body processes big meals much better during the day than at night? That’s right, your big steak dinner is not doing you any favors. Late meals can seriously interfere with detoxification, hormone balance and fat burning. A recent study from the International Journal of Obesity found that people who eat bigger meals earlier in the day lose more weight. Our bodies are awake and active during the day, with our digestive fire burning at its peak. This is the time we include our clean meal, with smart, functional foods that serve double duty as cleanse-supportive nutrients as well as our primary fuel for the day. If you didn’t start your day with greens, this is a good time to include the Organic Pressed Greens juice to give your mid-day a boost of energy from all the phytonutrients.

3. Evening Nightcap

As the daylight begins to fade, so does our digestive system. The evening is the best time for a light, restorative drink such as the Proteini and the fabulous Pineapple Chia Cleanse. These last two drinks fill you up but are not so heavy as to make you sluggish. In fact, you will probably have a good amount of energy until it’s time for bed and will sleep better simply because your digestive system is not weighed down. Nighttime is when most of our bodies’ cleansing takes place. This is why it’s important to support our livers with the optimal nutrients that they need from our juices. Our livers are most active between 1-3 AM. Because we are resting and our digestion is getting a break from our light dinner drinks, the body has more energy to rebuild tissue, recharge the brain and reset insulin receptors, cortisol and leptin levels. All the nutrients, antioxidants and juices help maximize our night-time restoration and natural cleansing process.

From the juices until your clean meal the next day, your body will be in an optimal cleansing state. The bulk of your body’s detox will be while you sleep and throughout the morning. The SMART Pressed Juice Cleanse is the only juice program that supports all three phases of our bodies natural cleanse rhythm. Isn’t that fabulous? You have now learned the ultimate juice hack!

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