Smart Juice to Eliminate Unhealthy Foods

We all have experienced them: intense food cravings. Food cravings come and go, they can be intense and for some potentially harmful. They can also be healthful. The world of eating psychology is slowing coming out with research to help us understand the underlying causes of why we crave the foods we do, we will touch on this at a later date.

For our purposes today, let’s focus on how we can eliminate cravings for inflammatory and disease provoking foods such as sugar, fried foods and highly processed manufactured foods.

Food Manufacturers are in business to make money and a ton of it. They absolutely DO NOT have our health or wellbeing in mind when they sit down to make their next “tasty treat.” What they do have in mind is making their product addictive, ensuring that we crave more and more.

From investigative reporter Michael Moss, author of the book Salt Sugar Fat:

“The food industry employs strategies to increase their products’ addictive nature. These include:

Dynamic contrast.This is when a combination of contrasting sensations produces pleasurable sensations, such as biting through a crunchy chocolate shell, followed by a soft, creamy center filling

Salivation response, which boosts taste and feelings of pleasure. Examples of foods and/or ingredients that promote salivation include butter, chocolate, ice cream, and mayonnaise

Rapid food meltdown and vanishing caloric density. Foods that quickly melt in your mouth trick your brain into thinking you’re not eating as much food as you really are, despite the fact you’re stuffing in plenty of calories. A prime example of a snack food that has perfected this is Cheetos

Sensory specific response. Repetitive flavors, or flavor overload, tend to lead to decreased sensations of pleasure. In short, you “get tired” of eating the same flavor again and again. Your palate can even tire of a flavor within minutes.

Processed food manufacturers circumvent this by creating more complex flavor and sensory profiles. The greatest successes, whether beverages or foods, owe their “craveability” to formulas that pique your taste buds just enough, without overwhelming them, thereby overriding your brain’s inclination to say “enough”

Calorie density. “Junk foods are designed to convince your brain that it is getting nutrition, but to not fill you up.” This is accomplished by combining the ideal ratio of calories to prevent satiety signals to go off. “

So, how do we reset and kick the cravings for good?

Kick-start your “let go of the cravings” journey with a 7 day juice and whole foods cleanse.

Here at Smart Pressed Juice, we provide a live guided 7-day cleanse once a month. You are supported every step of the way with our in house nutrition expert and an extraordinary team of compassionate individuals that brought Smart Pressed Juice to life.

We cleanse in order to reset and give our bodies and mind the space and time to release the inflammatory foods and add in the nutrient dense, whole, live real foods. With our SMART pressed juice 7 day cleanse, we have taken all the guess work out of the equation. You will begin to fuel your body with an ample amount of plant foods that nurture your cells and give back to the body as it is resetting. When you add in high quality, organic nutrition, the body naturally begins to release these cravings. With the support of our nutrition experts and an amazing community of like minded individuals the guided experience will give you the tools you need to successfully complete your 7 days.

The process to releasing the cravings is dynamic. The cravings will come and they will pass.

One takeaway we discuss in our time together in the power of time.

The practice:

1) Stop for two minutes.

2) During those two minutes notice the craving. Notice if it is true hunger or just a habit.

3) Breathe Deep for 5-10 breaths.

4) Shift gears.

5) If the cravings is still present after 30 minutes consciously choose to eat or not to eat, that item. If you choose to eat, consume it with pleasure, no distractions and enjoyment.

6) Then move on with your day, whatever the choice was.

We hope this was helpful and look forward to seeing you in one of our live, guided cleanse groups in the opportunity suits your health and wellness goals. We are here to support you every step of the way.