Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder- The Foundation of SMART Pressed Organic Greens

Did you know that unlike most green drinks on the market, SMART Organic Pressed Greens contains freshly pressed wheatgrass and barley grass JUICE powders?

Using grass juice powders (not whole grass powders) is the key difference in our grass ingredient. When compared to other self-proclaimed “amazing” green drinks popular in local health food stores, the inclusion of our cold pressed, organic grass juice powders really stands out. In fact, these two power-house ingredients make up almost half of the greens in our green drink.

The SMART Pressed Juice Powder Difference:

Our grass juice powder is created by harvesting organic grasses, cold pressing the grass to separate the juice from the plant fiber. The collected juice is then dehydrated using a next-generation vacuum dryer, that is similar to the more common spray drying process, but without ever exceeding 118 F throughout the entire process. By removing the bulky fibers from the grass, we can concentrate more grasses into powders. On average, our grass juice powders are six times more concentrated than their whole powder counterparts found in most green products. 

Being 6 times more concentrated means 6 times more nutrients are consumed when comparing gram per gram. This is especially important during a cleanse when the overall consumption of food is reduced, each calorie will need to deliver a stronger nutrient punch. In this case, 6 times more. 

While carrying certain benefits, plant fibers can be hard to digest. By using juice powders, we are removing most of the plant fibers from our cereal grasses blend, along with the incorporation of enzymes and probiotics, we are ensuring a comfortable digestive experience during your cleanse without sacrificing nutrient intake.

Our grass juice powders are young vibrant grasses harvested prior to the pre-jointing stage (where a single blade of grass splits into multiple blades of grasses).  This allows a higher concentration of stored plant nutrient prior to being spent at the jointing stage. Also at this pre-jointing stage, the grasses have not developed any gluten enzymes and thus guaranteeing our gluten-free grass powders.

Wheatgrass Juice Powders

Wheatgrass is arguably the oldest and most recognized as green food ingredient available today. According to The Chalk Board online magazine, there are 50 reasons to drink wheatgrass every day, here are few that we couldn’t agree on more as the reason to include wheatgrass in our Organic Pressed Greens:

1) Wheatgrass is rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps development and healing of the body

2) Wheatgrass is rich in protein and amino acids, which helps repairs and building of muscles

3) Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which:

a. contains enzymes and SOD (superoxide dismutase), which helps decompose free radicals in the body and effectively slowing down the physical aging process.

b. Helps liver functions

c. Helps with blood sugar imbalance

There are numerous studies conducted on the efficacy of wheatgrass throughout the years.  The earliest studies were conducted by Dr. Charles Franklin Schnabel in the mid 1920s.   Dr. Schabel was an American agricultural chemist who first discovered that when with the addition of a small amount of wheatgrass to his chicken feed, egg production tripled.  He later found benefits with adding wheatgrass to nearly every kind of livestock feed; higher milk production, healthier and larger litters and improved general health. Furthermore, Dr. Schnabel studied more on the health benefits of human consumption of wheatgrass, which led to the founding of Cerophyl Laboratories. Cerophyl Labs, produced wheatgrass based products, which some called, "the world’s first multivitamin."

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