Mother’s Day: Give the Gift of Health with Our Maintenance Program

This Mother’s Day, the gift of good health is within your reach. Smart Pressed Juice’s Maintenance Plan makes the perfect present for the woman in your life. Rather than give her something she won’t use, why not give her something she’ll truly appreciate?

Our juices are healthy, delicious, and nourishing! They can be mixed with water, juice, nut or coconut milk and drank immediately. They can be scooped out of the container they came in and portioned out to be taken on the go.

Maintaining Weight Loss Following a Cleanse is Easy with Smart Pressed Juice

There are three options available for maintaining weight loss following a juice cleanse. They are Vegan Vanilla Proteini which consists of 10 superfoods and plant-based protein, Organic Cold Pressed Greens which is equivalent to 5-7 servings of vegetables per scoop, and Pineapple Chia Cleanse, a fiber-packed beverage that helps mom feel full longer. The three products can be used together for best results.

What makes our products popular is how easy they are to make. Within seconds, mom can be enjoying her breakfast, lunch or dinner beverage of choice. One jar lasts a while, too, making it a sound investment in mother’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Mom-Tested and Approved

Mothers of all ages love our products because of how light, delicious, and effective they are in helping them maintain the progress that took place during their juice cleanse. In the morning, they drink the Proteini. In the afternoon, it’s Greens that nourishes them. In the evening, it’s time to Cleanse.

Our Maintenance Program is meant to help women look and feel their best. The Proteini can be combined with almond or coconut milk, Greens goes best with water or apple juice because it enhances the beverage’s flavor. Cleanse can be combined with coconut or almond milk and sipped with a straw for best results.

A Gift That Never Goes Out of Style

A lot can be said about a gift that never goes out of style, always is the right size, and is something that mothers use, appreciate, and enjoy. When shopping for presents for the moms in your life, make Smart Pressed Juice your first choice. You’ll be able to get the right gift for your mom, mother-in-law, wife, sister, and friend.

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