Kick-Start Your Metabolism: The Best Fitness and Juice Cleanse Program

2018 is going to be YOUR year! Now is the time to reset your health, boost your energy levels and to feel amazing again. So as the year begins, it’s a great time to create a health and fitness plan that sticks. It’s the New Year, so it’s time for a New You.

It’s important to pair both dietary and fitness changes together. We recommend starting off your year with our refreshing and smart juice cleanse to reset your metabolism and establish healthy eating habits. We encourage all our juicers to take some time to explore our chef-designed clean meals in either traditional or vegan recipes on our website. We recommend the smart guideline of 25% protein (preferably plant-based), 25% whole grains and 50% leafy green vegetables for every meal. Once your relationship with food is re-balanced, your body is ready and charged for your smart new fitness routine. These are some of the optimal movements that are perfect to pair with your juice cleanse.

Just follow our quickest and easiest daily routine for the next 30 days and start building healthy habits now. Every day, just follow our three simple exercises - one in the morning to set the tone for the day and boost metabolism, one in the afternoon as a dynamic pick-me-up, and one in the evening to close out the day for restful, restorative sleep.

Morning Start: The Attitude of Gratitude

5 Sun Salutations

10 jump squats

30 seconds high knees

10 burpees

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Did you know that Sun Salutations were meant to honor and give thanks to not just the outside sun, but the inner light within yourself? They are a fantastic and powerful way to mentally prepare you for the day ahead. Jump squatshigh knees and burpees get your blood flowing and heart rate up so that you warm the body on these chilly winter mornings as well as give a little lift to your metabolism. If you have any knee or joint pain, try the non-ballistic version by doing regular squats, and substituting push ups for burpees and crunches for high knees.

Reward yourself with a job well done with a nourishing Vegan Vanilla Proteini which is bursting with branched-chain amino acids and plant-based nutrients from 10 different superfood proteins. Just like that, a perfect start to the day. Now get on with your busy self - you are ready for anything now!

Afternoon Refresher: Going Strong

10 minute brisk walk

10 wall or regular push-ups

20 walking lunges

Refresh with Organic Pressed Greens

When that mid-afternoon slump hits, this is the perfect time to get up, put on some tunes and take a quick walk. Your afternoon walk will re-energize those your cells which are busy digesting your lunch from a few hours ago. While on your walk, find a wall or flat surface and drop down and give us 10 perfect push-ups every few minutes. This will get your blood flow pumping again and get your adrenaline restarted. Finish off with 20 walking lunges, and tell us you don’t feel better already. Now you’ve earned that icy cold glass of Organic Pressed Greens, flooding your body with energizing and toxin-flushing phytonutrients and antioxidants - the perfect pick-me-up.

Evening Unwind: Kick Back and Relax

Watching the sunset while stretching makes the burn bareable.

10 minute post-dinner walk

1 minute of hamstring stretch (30 seconds each leg)

1 minute butterfly stretch

1 minute child’s pose

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10 minutes of meditation

It’s always great to get moving after dinner. It stimulates the digestive juices and encourages things to move along in your body. Plus, it’s a great time of reflection to review your day. How did you win the day? Are there any opportunities for improvement? And most importantly, what are you grateful for from the day? After your walk, it’s time to unwind with some gentle movements that help your body relax and get ready for a great night of restorative sleep.


Most people don’t realize it, but tight hamstring muscles is one major contributor to lower back pain. Try an assisted hamstring stretch with a scarf, band, or a towel that you can use to support your legs in the stretch. Begin by lying on your back with one leg raised over you. Hold one of the towel, band or scarf with one hand and the other end with the other hand, and loop the towel behind your knee (if using a band, you can loop it around the bottom of your foot). Gently pull your leg towards your head until you feel a stretch and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. This is a great stretch to relieve stress on the sciatic nerve as well. The butterfly stretch helps open up the hips and stretch out the inner thighs, which tend to be shortened from prolonged periods of sitting. Finally, the child’s pose is great to fully relax the rest of your muscles, starting from the neck, back, arms, legs, ankles and feet.

Now that you are all stretched out, it’s time to wash the day away with a delicious Pineapple Chia Cleanse, which helps your body eliminate and remove the toxins that you have accumulated throughout the day. The natural enzymes help break down any sore muscles and stimulate recovery. Just a few days and you will feel the significant difference that our cleanse can do for your health.

Evening Meditation

It’s time for your final act of self-care. After all, if you are following this smart health and fitness routine, you are taking (really good) care of yourself. Arrange yourself in a comfortable seated position, else into a relaxing shavasana. Take the time to breathe deeply, and send loving and healing thoughts to every part of your body. Timeless studies have shown that meditation has dozens of benefits. It reduces stress, reverses aging, and induces relaxation, all of which are necessary for good sleep. Also, meditation is a good way to review the events of the day and let go of the parts that don’t serve you. After all, tomorrow is a new day.

The Start of a New You

This is the perfect routine for the New Year of YOU. As we mentioned, it’s important to take a dual approach to both your health and fitness by watching over the nutrients you are putting into your body, as well as the output of your energy. By following our program of nourishing organic juicesclean meals and our fitness routine, you are setting up your body for lasting success. We recommend you start off your program with an organic juice cleanse to reset your metabolism and your body for best results. You can pick the level of cleanse that you need, from a 1 Day Quick Fix to a 3 Day Fresh Start or even a 7 Day Complete Reboot.

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After you complete your program, we recommend our smart maintenance program that helps your body keep the results you worked so hard for.  For more SMART health tips like this, make sure to visit and follow us on InstagramTwitter, or like us on Facebook. For those of you who absolutely have to have it within two days, visit our Amazon store to stock up on our travel-friendly juices.