Keeping the Weight Off for Good

Now that our New Year, New You challenge is officially over, it’s time to celebrate all the progress you made! Did you end up losing your holiday weight? Regained your energy? Get back on track at the gym? It’s time to celebrate! After all, that was some hard work. Now here’s some news to keep in mind. Did you know that 95% of people who embark upon a weight loss program end up regaining all the weight they lost, plus even some more? If you’ve lost weight doing a juice cleanse and want to keep it off for good, there are some things you can do to  prevent future weight gain. In fact, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep yourself from feeling tired, bloated, and craving things that aren’t good for your body such as sugar. You want to say goodbye forever to brain fog, skin breakouts, and achy joints, too. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maintain your weight loss and keep yourself from feeling sluggish and unmotivated ever again.

Here are three easy tips that help  keep the weight off for good:

1.    Start your day with Plant-based Protein. Our delicious Proteini drink fuels your body with 10 different superfood proteins. It starts your day off right by giving you the plant-based macronutrients needed to look and feel your best. The body naturally cleanses itself when it has the right amino acids. The Proteini product contains complete amino acid complex that gives you strength and energy, so you can power through your day. It’s delicious to drink on its own by adding it to almond or coconut milk. You can also blend fresh fruit into the mixture to create a powerhouse smoothie that fills you up and keeps you going until lunch.

2.    Drink your Greens. You’re not forced to go to the salad bar when you have Organic Pressed Greens in your lunch bag. The drink is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that help rid your body of toxic substances. Each time you drink your greens, you’re balancing your alkaline levels. One scoop of the product is all that you need to add to water or apple juice to create a delicious lunchtime beverage.

3.    Finish out the day with a soothing daily mini cleanse. Throughout the day, you’re exposed to all sorts of nasty toxins. Evening proves to be one of the best times to purge those toxic substances from the body. Lucky for you, it’s easy with our delicious Pineapple Chia drink. It helps move toxins through the GI tract so you’re able to start the next day with ease. Adding a scoop of the product to almond milk or coconut milk makes it perfect to drink. Make sure to sip the beverage through a straw because of its high acid content.

Having access to delicious, nutritious beverages and recipes helps you stay on track while completing your health and fitness goals. If you haven’t had an opportunity to do a juice cleanse yet, it’s time that you do one. You’ll feel lighter, more energetic, and better prepared to tackle the day’s tasks. Best of all, you can determine how long to do the cleanse based on your own body’s needs.

The last thing you want to do after losing weight is to gain it back. We know how hard you worked! By following the tips listed above, you lessen the likelihood of putting stubborn pounds of weight back onto your body. That is why we designed the perfect program to keep you on track for good in three simple steps. This is the most convenient way to get all the plant-based protein, fiber and phytonutrients you need to function at your best.


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