Juicing for People with Food Allergies

Food sensitivity and allergies are a growing concern for a lot of people.  Being sensitive or allergic to food ingredients such as dairy or gluten is a serious concern because it requires people to diligently read product labels and to ask servers which ingredients are present in the foods and beverages that they order. Even then, it can be difficult to know if their food has been exposed to cross-contamination. To all those with celiac, lactose-intolerance, gluten or dairy sensitivity, Smart Pressed is right there with you! This is why we created a system of plant-based juices and cleanses that are perfect for those with food sensitivities. We understand what it’s like to live on a restricted food plan, so our juices have been created to be clean and allergen-free.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Options Await

Eating out and getting enough healthy food is a challenge when you have food allergies. Our daily lives are challenged regularly because we have such a limited amount of food that draw from. It’s imperative to have a system of food that works for your special diet because being prepared is key to your health.

Smart Pressed Juice allows those with food allergies to rest easy- our entire line is gluten-free and dairy-free. Not only that, all our juices are also non-GMO and free of animal products, artificial ingredients, soy and tree nuts. When you have a product line that is completely clean, we can finally stop label-poring- it’s time to relax and begin juicing! Now it’s time to look into a program that works for your food-sensitive diet and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a daily organic greens juice or vegan protein, a full juice cleanse, or simply a healthy daily program to help you maintain your health. Our products are designed to assist you in whatever stage of health you are in. Best of all, you will be getting enough plant-based nutrients that will nourish and replenish your body.

A Cleaner Juice Cleanse


If you opt to do one of our award-winning juice cleanses, we have a variety of options depending on your health goals. The Quick Fix which is a one day cleanse to undo that cheat meal, The Smart Restart which is a three day cleanse for a fresh reset, and The Complete Reboot which will refresh your body with plant-based nutrients called phytonutrients which helps your body function at its best. Smart Pressed Juice cleanses are all perfectly balanced for the protein, green vegetables, and fiber that you need for a day of juicing. This means no more hunger and no more sugar spikes so you feel wonderful throughout the day. With over 50 organic superfoods that nourish and restore your body, you can rest assured that you are receiving adequate nutrition without fear of encountering any allergens and artificial ingredients.

After you complete your clean juice cleanse, there’s no way you want to go back to the way you were pre-cleanse. The fantastic news is you won’t have to - SMART Pressed post-cleanse maintenance plan is both easy and affordable. The program is simple - just three juices each day - one Vegan Vanilla Proteini, one Organic Cold Pressed Greens, and one Pineapple Chia Cleanse. Take the Vegan Vanilla Protein in the morning, followed by a Cold Pressed Greens in the afternoon, and then a Pineapple Chia Cleanse in the evening. With each juice being about $1.16 to $1.23 per serving, drinking all three juices is very affordable - the juice maintenance program is under $4 a day, which is less than a (not-so-healthy) drink at Starbucks!

Getting adequate nourishment when you are on a restricted diet or food plan is difficult. That’s why Smart Pressed Juice created our juices so you are able to get all the vegetables and plant-based nutrients you need in just three easy steps. After all, life is busy and complicated enough- we wanted to make smart health decisions simple. Best wishes for your health journey!  

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