Is Your Protein Powder Making You Feel Bloated?

When you do all the things like eat salads, drink green juice, maybe even get a few workouts in (or one- we don’t judge), but somehow the bloating just won’t go away?

We know the feeling all too well.

Let’s talk about what could be causing your bloat…

Could it be the protein shake that you're drinking?

Do you drink a plant-based protein or a whey based protein powder?

If your answer was whey, well- that could be it. However, don’t worry because guess what? You’re not alone.

The typical protein powder that most people drink is whey protein.

But what exactly is whey?

Whey is actually the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds (cheese) and it even causes bloating and gas due to the lactose found in dairy.


That's why we choose plant-protein!

It's nutrient- dense, light and extremely clean because it is 100% organic. Plus, it definitely does not contain lactose which is the culprit for acne breakouts, gas, and bloating.

Let’s compare the two...


Whey Protein
  • 1 source of animal protein (whey)
  • Comes from the leftover foamy layer that no one wants after making cheese which is then made into a powder
  • Includes lactose which causes bloating, gas, diarrhea, and acne
  • Leaves you feeling heavier not leaner due to bloating


Proteini Plant-based Protein
  • 10 sources of plant protein (pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, cranberry seed protein, and superfoods like maca, chia seeds, sacha inchi nuts, quinoa, chia seed sprouts and garbanzo bean sprouts)
  • Comes from 100% clean and organic plants
  • Includes anti-inflammatory superfoods rich in amino acids, antioxidants and omega 3s with sacha inchi, hemp and chia seeds which assist in weight-loss
  • Leaves you feeling lighter and leaner due to metabolism boosting plant foods



Before you take a sip of your protein shake- make sure it’s a shaker bottle full of plant-protein. Because, well- would you rather have 1 source of protein that comes with a side of bloating OR a shake that contains 10 different superfood plant proteins that will assist in weight loss?

Choose SMART.

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