How to Tell if You are Getting the Most out of your Juice Cleanse

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? How did it make you feel? Many juicers report that they frequently feel hangry, tired and have extreme cases of food FOMO. Admittedly, having to watch friends enjoy their pizza while you sip on a glass of fresh juiced lawn mower clippings is not ideal. So how can we achieve balance? Is there a way to successfully complete a perfect juice cleanse while not feeling hungry, having energy, and even indulging in a delicious meal with your friends? Let’s take a closer look at the top five things we should be watching out for when we do a juice cleanse.

1. Sky-High Sugar High

Did you know that some of the most popular juices can have between 24 - 56 grams of serving in each bottle? Just because they are made of healthy ingredients doesn’t mean that their macronutrient profiles go away. When you extract juices, the natural plant proteins and fibers which naturally blunt the blood sugar response are removed. This means that the sugars that are present in these juices will have exactly the same effect as processed sugars in your body. After the initial boost of energy, you will feel the tell-tale signs of a sugar crash, which frequently results in a mid-day slump with headaches and fatigue. The pattern of a juice cleanse is to simply introduce another high-sugar juice which will keep you buzzing on a sugar high all day. When your body is desperately trying to produce enough insulin to process all the sugar that you are dumping into your body, you are wondering if you need to go on a cleanse to undo your juice cleanse!

2. Calorie Crash

Frankly speaking, most juice cleanses are juice starvation diets. We all require a certain number of calories to function throughout the day, called our basal metabolic rate (BMR).We need to ensure that our juice cleanse provides just enough calories and macronutrients to ensure that we can still fuel our bodies. When we suddenly drop a significant amount of calories below our BMR, our bodies will start to slow down and we feel fatigued, cranky and sluggish. When we decide to juice cleanse, we need to make sure that our juices are perfectly balanced for veggies, protein, fiber and even a clean meal or two to ensure we are getting all the nutrition our bodies need.

3. The KEY Missing Ingredient in Your Juice Cleanse- Plant-Based Organic Protein

Believe it or not, most people don’t know that we need protein in order to cleanse. Many people have tried some cleanses where they do nothing but drink lemon water and cayenne pepper. All that does is hydrate your body but doesn’t support how our bodies go through the detox process. Our bodies require amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, in order to convert our bodies’ toxins into water soluble molecules.  Make sure that your cleanse proteins are from a wide variety of alkalizing plants. Different plants provide the widest variety of amino acids that your body requires for a cleanse. We probably don’t have to say this, but make sure they are always organic so that you don’t introduce even more toxins to your body. Our Vegan Vanilla Proteini is a wonderful way to get a wide variety of plant-based organic proteins that richly supply your liver with all the tools they need to start your detox cleanse right!  

After our bodies convert the toxins, they neutralize them by turning them into water soluble molecules so we can eliminate them. Toxins can unfortunately be a bit sticky and tend to cling to our colon and intestines. Failure to adequately prepare our bodies for this step can result in our bodies absorbing our toxins back into our system. So what do we do next?

4. The KEY Missing Ingredient in Your Juice Cleanse- Plant-based Activated Fibers

It’s plant-based fibers to the rescue! Fiber can grab a hold of these sticky, stubborn toxins residing in our intestines and colon and pull them out through elimination. Studies also show that people who get more fiber tend to be leaner and are less likely to gain weight over time. What’s not to like about fiber?

It can also help us feel full, reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal and keep our digestive system running smoothly. One thing that is wonderfully unique about our yummy Pineapple Chia Cleanse is that it provides both protein and activated fibers in the form of superfood sprouted grains for B vitamins and essential amino acids as well as omega 3s in flax and chia seeds. Finally, there is a terrific enzyme and probiotic blend that helps move your digestive system along seamlessly. This is what we call a juice to perfection.

5. Protect Your Body and Cleanse Results with a Wide Variety of Phytonutrients

Nutrition science has proven that eating a wide variety of plant foods benefits the body because of the large assortment of phytonutrients. Only by eating a big variety of these nutrient-rich natural foods can you access the protective compounds that can help your body function at its best. When you consume plants, these phytonutrients help your body reduce inflammation, prevent cellular damage and reverse chronic health conditions. The daily recommended intake of vegetables for optimal health is at least 3-4 servings per MEAL.

The average person would not be able to easily eat their way through several pounds of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. That’s why our Organic Pressed Greens are a convenient and potent way to access these nutrients every single day. This juice powder features a stunning variety of over 22 different superfood plants and vegetables to ensure that you are receiving the best that nature has to offer. You are able to access the widest variety of these wonderful phytonutrients, and the convenient juice format is the best way to rapidly absorb these nutrients into your system.

The SMARTEST Juice Cleanse Philosophy

While we are big fans of detoxes, cleanses and and juicing, we knew that there were big missing pieces in the existing juice cleanse equation. So we put our smartest minds together (and over 30 years of professional nutrition experience) and created the most complete juice cleanse on the market. Our innovative and results-oriented cleanse has won the accolades of industry and consumers alike. With unmatched results and satisfied customers nation-wide, we are proud to offer the first juice cleanse that is perfectly balanced for organic phytonutrients, cleanse proteins, activated fibers and even includes a SMART menu of chef-designed clean meals. Not only that, a supportive, private community of juice cleansers and coaches that make sure you reach your health goals.

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