How to Have the Healthiest Mother’s Day Ever

Make this a Mother’s Day that everyone will remember! This should be the year you celebrate your mother’s health, and start taking care of your own as well. Everyone knows the most valuable asset we have in life is our health, but how many of us know how to celebrate our holidays with this in mind? Let us show you some of our top gift ideas and activities for a healthy and memorable Mother’s Day.

1. Give the gift of self-care

Most of us are so busy in our daily lives we don’t stop to think about what we could do to take care of ourselves. Our mothers are the exact same way. They spent a lifetime taking care of you, so it’s time to start thinking of ways to take care of her. Treat your mom to an indulgent day- perhaps a restorative massage, a stimulating acupuncture session, a fun manicure and pedicure session or a day trip out to a place she’s always wanted to visit. Whatever the gift is, she will appreciate that you are taking care of her.

2. Give the gift of fitness

Surprise your mother with a cute new workout outfit that she can wear to a private yoga, pilates or zumba class. Better yet, one you can attend together. Take her for a long stroll in a beautiful setting and laugh at old memories together. Getting your heart rate going and break a sweat together- she will enjoy the time with you.



3. Prepare a healthy meal together

Make your Mother’s Day brunch a meal to remember. Instead of going out to eat, look into our chef-designed menu of smart and delicious clean meals that are guilt-free and best of all, good for you! All of these meals are aimed at keeping your mother happy, healthy and best of all, in your life for a long time.



4. Give an organic veggie basket

Even though your mom told you to eat your vegetables, chances are she is not getting enough in her diet. We now know that the most powerful medicine on earth is the humble green vegetable. Not only that, we need to eat a variety of 10 servings a day. Treat your mom to a morning at a local farmer’s market and fill up an attractive basket of beautiful organic produce for her. You can also include a SMART Pressed Juice in her basket, where she can enjoy a variety of up to 50 different organic fruits and vegetables.

5. Start a guided juice cleanse together

Experiences are always more meaningful if they can be shared. Especially one to improve your health! The best way to kickstart a health transformation is to start a proven program with a family member or friend. The support we receive from our community can be the most powerful health coach of all. Consider giving the gift of a guided juice cleanse experience, where juicers are taught how to develop a whole new relationship with food. Juicing together is a way for both of you to experience renewed energy, healthy weight loss and results that last.



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