How to Find More Time in the Day- Become a Morning Person in Five Easy Steps

If you are like us, you are always wondering where all the time went in the day. We are all busy professionals with busy family and social lives. So how can we find more time in the day? First place to look- at our mornings! If you’d like to become more of a morning person, there are some simple steps to make the transition smoother. By building healthy rituals and changing your habits slightly, you’ll experience greater ease upon waking and starting your day.You’ll find you’ll have more energy to get things done and feel less rushed to get out the door.

Bonus tip: Remember to always kick-start your metabolism within 30 minutes of waking, in order to boost your daily calorie burn by up to 20%. Make sure your breakfast is rich in a high variety of plant-based proteins for optimal burn and optimal results. Here is how to become a morning person in five easy steps:

Plan for your day the night before. Lay out your clothes, prepare your lunch, and create a list of things you must do to remain productive. By doing these three things, your day will be off to a good start because all you’ll need to do is get dressed, drink your Proteini or Green Juice and check items off your To Do List. You’ll have fewer decisions to make while your brain is waking up.

Wake up fifteen minutes earlier than your household so you can do something you love. Make the activity sacred and something you look forward to doing daily. It gives you a reason to spring out of bed in the morning. It also sets the tone for the day because no matter what happens, you’ll have had that time to yourself to read, meditate, do yoga, journal or watch the sunrise.

Listen to uplifting music or podcasts while driving or commuting to work or school. Use this time for yourself. It helps relax and inspire you. There are plenty of premade playlists created for the morning commute. Podcasts are free, abundant, and available on any subject you choose. Download a few that interest you and make listening to them part of your morning routine.

Be a beacon of light and positivity. Get in the habit of reciting affirmations before walking out the door for the day. The short, empowering statements will have you feeling good about yourself and your circumstances before you know it. Print out some of your favorite affirmations on cardstock or write them out on index cards so you can carry them with you wherever you go. If you need a boost of positivity, recite an affirmation and go about your day with greater ease.

Do something nice for other people. If you make it a habit to do nice things for other people, you’ll arise from bed with a sense of purpose. You’ll feel empowered because you’re doing your part to create the type of world you want to live in. Being of service to others is one of the most fulfilling roles you’ll play in your lifetime. Hold the door open for people, pay for their coffee, tell them how glad you are to meet them, smile, and go the extra mile to make them feel good. You’ll feel a shift in how you approach mornings when you do nice things regularly.

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