How Clean Is Your Protein?

We know there are tons, and we mean TONS of different protein powders out on the market…

But what makes one different from the other? Why does it matter?

Is it time to Rethink Your Protein?


Here’s why…

Many protein powders are cheaper, but do you ever wonder why they’re cheaper?


The quality of ingredients matter. I mean- do you really want to drink a protein shake that adds unnatural man-made ingredients or dairy by-products into your body just because it’s cheaper?

Uhm- NO!

Let’s use plant protein as an example. If we dive into plant-based proteins, it’s also easy to go for the cheaper ones. One of the main reasons why some protein powders are cheaper is because their main source of protein is either brown rice or peas. However, did you know that peas and brown rice are incomplete proteins? They fail to contain the full spectrum of nourishing amino acids which makes a complete protein.

You see, plant protein doesn’t only occur in two plants, but yet everyone uses it - because it’s cheaper.

So, before you go searching for the cheapest or the biggest jar of protein powder check to see if it passes our Rethink Your Protein test first.

Rethink Your Protein Test


1. 100% Organic Ingredients

Because no one likes a pesticide cocktail.


2. More Protein than Carbs

Check your label- up to half of your protein powder can be made up of just carbs! 


3. No Sugar Alcohols (ex. xylitol, erythritol, and sorbitol)

Main side effects of sugar alcohols are bloating, gas and diarrhea. Yuck!

4. No fillers, additives, or artificial sweeteners

Because all-natural is the way to be!


5. Low Calorie

No one wants a high calorie snack, but we do want a clean and lean shake to keep you going without having a sugar crash.



Fortunately, our Vegan Vanilla Proteini passes the Rethink Your Protein test.

We’re 100%  organic, with a variety of all natural whole food plant based foods! Our Protein was expertly formulated to only have 100 calories per serving and just one gram of naturally occurring sugar!

Our Proteini also carries the highest protein content per gram because source from a variety of complete plant proteins like cranberries, peas, hemp and brown rice . Each serving is comprised of over 60% protein. This makes it one of the most efficient (less carbs and fillers) plant-based proteins on the market! 

Feel lighter, cleaner, and happier when you rethink your protein and choose SMART.

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