Finding The Perfect Healthy Father’s Day Gift

It’s probably safe to say that for most of us, finding a gift for Dad on Father’s Day is not the easiest mission. Year after year we ask our patriarchs what type of gift they would like, and often receive the same answer. Usually they want something simple, something practical: socks,tools, undershirts, ties, etc. How about choosing a gift for your old man this Father’s Day that shows how much you care, by giving a gift that promotes a healthy experience? Something unexpected and unique. We’ve handpicked these healthy gift items and formed this guide to help you choose a creative gift with your father’s best interests in mind as well as his health.



Health Tracker

There are some great health trackers available on the market now. Combing a perfect mix of technology and fitness into one nifty gadget. These track every part of his day- including exercise, food, weight and sleep - which will help him keep a handle of his activities. This will also help him spot unhealthy patterns, motivating him to making smarter choices to benefit his health goals at his own pace. Check out this list of top health trackers.



Give the Gift of Self-Care

At times, our father’s stress load is overlooked, possibly because it’s not often that we hear them voice out about how much they just need some quality R&R. This year why not give your father a certificate to enjoy a relaxing massage or treat him to a spa day? Yes, Dads need relaxation too. “Pampering” is a word we will avoid and instead propose an idea he may be more drawn to - physical relief. Treating him to a sports massage can be very therapeutic for sore, over-worked muscles. Or how about a session in the sauna? Heat is associated with relief of muscular stress from sports, exercise or just bad posture. Also, a day of relaxation will assist in removing harmful toxins from the body via the numerous services offered at spas.



Juice Cleanse
A cleanse is a great way to reset the body. There is a perception of our fathers as being the carnivorous type and only willing to accept something fresh off the grill. Actually, mention the benefits of giving your digestive system a break, such as: increased energy, youthful skin, a clearer mind, and detoxified system. Who could refuse? Juicing has become more than a trend and seems like it’s here to stay. People are paying double digit prices for one 8 ounce bottle, which can add up quickly. Check out SMART Pressed Juice for an affordable juice cleanse. According to LA Times people are just too busy to consume a whole salad and juicing is great answer for them. Juicing is a quick and convenient way to get in nutrients, as well as jump-starting an effort to live healthfully.





Whether your Dad is spending his day at the office, or physically exerting himself, he will need proper support for his body. Sitting for long periods of time (especially at a computer) causes neck, back, and arm pain. Ergonomics is important, did you know that when you sit, your back feels at least 2-3 times your bodyweight? Our bodies were not meant to sit for hours at a time, in fact, the chair is considered a “modern” invention. Which leads to poor posture from poorly designed workstations and habitual movements. Consider getting your father a stand-up desk, an ergonomically-correct office chair, or lower back support pillow for his workstation. If your father isn’t staring at a lightbox all day, he could be overworking his muscles and acquiring poor posture in other ways. Think about gifting your Dad a memory foam pillow for a better night’s rest, or proper foot support if he is on his feet all day. Preventing pain by adding regular support into his activities, even starting with the smallest habits, could benefit your father in numerous ways!

We hope this list will get your wheels turning, and assist you in choosing the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Aim for the more practical gifts, the ones you know he will most likely use on a daily basis. What better way to show your appreciation than to display to your father you had his best interests in mind and you also considered the benefits for his health and happiness as well. Giving the gift of health and wellness to anyone is a great sign that shows you truly care for their well-being. We hope you have a great Father’s Day this year from SMART Pressed Juice ! Make it a memorable one!