Can Protein Help With Weight-loss?

Protein, protein, protein. 

We hear it everywhere whenever someone starts to get interested in working out or simply live a healthier lifestyle. But why? What’s so special about protein? Is it possible to lose weight from plant-based protein specifically?

Yes! It is completely possible! 

Actually, having plant-based protein for breakfast is what we recommend to help aid you in your weight-loss journey.

Here’s why…

Complete Plant Proteins

Did you know that most plant proteins aren't complete proteins? Meaning that they are missing key amino acids to be optimally absorbed by your body. Crazy, right?

However, when you expertly select a variety of 10 super-food plant proteins with unique complementary amino acid profiles, you get nature's perfect protein which is how we created our Vegan Vanilla Proteini. So, we’ve got you covered!


When you consume a high protein breakfast, you are significantly more likely to feel fuller longer and satisfied throughout your day. It’ll also help you make wiser choices for your meals later in the day since you started your morning off with a clean meal.

Increase your metabolism

Starting your morning off right with clean and lean protein can also help activate your metabolism. With less than half the carbs of any other plant protein, our Vegan Vanilla Proteini is the leanest and cleanest protein out there. We purposely use our Proteini in our cleanse for this very reason. Having a Proteini shake at the start of your day will help activate your system for a days worth of clean eating and nutritious meals to help aid in your weight-loss journey. 

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate a high-protein breakfast into your morning routine, try our Vegan Vanilla Proteini for a delicious and smooth taste that will ease your taste buds and get you ready to take on the rest of your day!

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