A Juice Cleanse A Day Keeps the Stretchy Pants Away

It’s the holiday season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put on those holiday pounds! For most Americans, weight gain in the winter season is due to a combination of holiday foods and less outdoor activity due to colder temperatures, and the result can be weight gain that takes a whopping five months to lose, according to a recent study from Cornell University.

In this study, which covered human subjects in Germany, the United States, and Japan, researchers found that in all three countries, weight increases between 0.4 and 0.6 perecnt occurred in all three countries within 10 days post-Christmas. The authors stated that while up to half of holiday weight gain is lost shortly after the holidays, the other “half the weight gain appears to remain until the summer months or beyond. Of course, the less one gains, the less one then has to worry about trying to lose it.”

Just by taking one day each week to do a mini-juice cleanse can help you maintain healthy weight, promote good dietary choices as a habit, combat holiday fatigue, and keep you looking and feeling the best over the next couple of months - a bonus when considering holiday photos and the added stress of traveling, shopping, cooking and other holiday-related preparations. The Smart Pressed Holiday Program is easy to do and only requires a commitment of once a week!

Our holiday program doubles up on Pineapple Chia Cleanse to provide the dual holiday-weight busting benefits of keeping you feeling full on the juice cleanse day while pushing out toxins.

Fiber, which is only found in plant foods, is an often overlooked food that keeps you feeling full and satisfied. According to the FDA, look for food that is close to 20% of DV of fiber per serving. In fact, nutritionists and dieticians recommend including a fiber source in every meal and snack you eat throughout the day. Fiber keeps you feeling full by slowing digestion - dietary fiber absorbs a lot of water and stays in the stomach longer, helping to create a full feeling long after a meal is finished, and can also help reduce blood sugar spikes. Always be sure to drink plenty of water when increasing fiber consumption. When fiber travels through the digestive tract, it is like a sponge - it needs water to plump up in order to pass smoothly. Not consuming enough fluids while upping fiber intake can actually result in constipation!

In addition, fiber supports the last stage of cleansing - elimination. Unfortunately, toxins can be a bit sticky and tend to cling to the colon and intestines. Plant fibers take a hold of these sticky, stubborn toxins and pull them out through elimination. These plant-based fibers act like a scrub brush for your digestive tract, forcing them out and preventing them from being re-absorbed into the body.

The Smart Pressed Holiday Program, like the traditional Smart Pressed Juice 7-Day Cleanse, also calls for Vegan Vanilla Proteini in the morning and the evening. Vegan Vanilla Proteini provides the rich variety amino acids necessary for a cleanse, and helps nourish, repair and improve immune function, which supports an optimal cleanse. In addition, protein really does help you stay full longer, according to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which helps in making your cleanse successful.

This holiday season,you can still enjoy your holiday festivities - just commit to a one time a week juice cleanse. It’s easy to do anything for just one day! And once the season is over, you’ll have gained all the good memories and none of the extra pounds. You can put together the holiday cleanse by purchasing a 7-Day Juice Cleanse Kit (just use the Cold Pressed Greens for an additional boost of superfood vegetables and adaptogens), or purchasing the Vanilla Vegan Proteini and Pineapple Cleanse. Use promo code NOSTRETCHYPANTS for 10% off orders of $99 or more. Discount expires December 31, 2017.