7 Easy Ways To Lower Your Sugar Intake

Did you know that according to the American Heart Association, women are only supposed to consume 25 grams of sugar per day, and men 36 grams?


People- there are 19 grams of sugar in some yogurts that people consume for breakfast. 19! That leaves women with 6 grams of sugar for the rest of the day. A simple 12-oz can of soda can have 39 grams of sugar, and some smoothies have up to 59 grams. These normal breakfast routines can make up over 100% of your allotted sugar for the day- in just one serving!


So if you’re looking for a simple way to lower your sugar intake, listen up.


We’ve got some tips and tricks for you to try out- it’s time to curb that addition.


  1. Fresh fruit

We know you’ve heard this one before. When you’re craving something sweet after dinner- opt for some strawberries or peaches instead of chocolate or cake. It can be hard for some people to do this cold turkey, so try supplementing half of your dessert for fruit so that you can satisfying your craving without the guilt. Once you’re feeling comfortable with that- go all fruit! Speaking of chocolate...


  1.  Dark chocolate

If you’re a chocoholic, cutting chocolate out of your diet may not be very realistic. So next time you're reaching for a chocolate bar, try some dark chocolate instead of milk. Dark has much less sugar per gram than milk, and studies have proven dark chocolate to be much more satisfying- so you won’t spend all evening craving it.


  1.  Do Your Research

These days, it can get confusing to decipher sneaky nutrition labels. So, learn the difference between natural and added sugar, and all the sly ways added sugar can be labeled (honey, high fructose corn syrup, molasses). You’ll know what you need to look for, and how not to get tricked.


  1.  Quit the Soda

You’ve known this since day one- soda isn’t the healthiest option. Next time you’re craving a beverage with your meal that isn’t water, try some sparkling water with fresh fruit squeezed into it. It’s sweet and refreshing, with natural sugar only.


  1.  Customize Your Recipes

When you’re baking cookies or cakes, try cutting the recipe’s recommended amount of sugar by ½ (or ⅓ if you’re skeptical…). More often than not- you won’t notice. Trust us, it’s definitely worth a shot.


  1.  Be Careful with Breakfast

If you typically add sugar to your cereal or oatmeal in the mornings, try adding fresh cut fruit next time. It’ll sweeten your breakfast in a way that’s completely natural! And as I said earlier, be careful with yogurt and smoothie labels.


  1.  Drink Smart Pressed Juices

All of our juices have only 1 gram of sugar per serving. That means your morning Protein smoothie can satisfy you for hours, without exceeding your recommended daily sugar intake. If you’re looking for a snack to hold you over until dinner, try our Organic Pressed Greens juice for a quick fix that isn’t too sweet. And if you’re the type of person that fiends for midnight snacks- get ready for your world to be changed. Try a scoop of our Pineapple Chia Cleanse in some water before bed, so that hunger isn’t keeping you from your beauty rest.


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