5 Steps to Prepare for a Detox

You have decided to jump-start your body and mind with a 7-day cleanse.

Whether this is your first time or a practice you commit to a few times a year, it is always of the utmost importance to set yourself up for success when embarking on cleanse journey. There are a handful of practices and strategies that, when implemented with intention and joy, will have you raring to go come the first day of your cleanse.

We recommend beginning the prep phase one to three days before your actual cleanse begins. The more time you give to the prep process, the more you will be set up for thriving throughout the cleansing process.
If this is your first time embarking on a 7 day cleanse, please give yourself the gift ofthree days.

If you have cleansed before but have fallen off the healthy living green wagon, three days is your best choice as well.
If you are a seasoned cleanser and generally live a healthy existence consisting of minimal to no processed, no alcohol, the occasional caffeine boost and primarily eat whole, live foods: One day should be just fine.

Number 1: Intention

Explore your intention for signing up for such an experience in the first place. What are you hoping to shift, call in, transform or step into during these 7 days?

Intentions help us anchor in the “why” of what we choose to do and are so important to have when the road gets a little bumpy. So what is your why? Take 5-10 minutes to explore. Write it out, draw, doodle or color to explore all the facets of why this experience is needed, wanted and necessary in your life right now.

We also recommend a dedicated journal. Start with your intention and check in daily for a few minutes about each daily experience. This is such a wonderful tool to help us get to know ourselves deeper.

Number 2: Water

Hydration is key during the cleansing process, and beyond. Consuming adequate amounts of water helps flush toxins, helps the body assimilate nutrients, keeps the bowels flowing and the skin bright and healthy. Aim to consume at least 64 ounces of water along with your juices each day.
Start each morning with a large glass of purified warm or room temperature water with a squeeze of organic fresh lemon juice. The citric acid in lemon will help stimulate digestion and alkalize your pH levels.

Number 3: Let Go

Now is the time to stop consuming processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars and gluten.
Let go of any processed foods. Read labels. If there is an ingredient that you cannot pronounce, one that is foreign or that you would have to look up to know what it is, eliminate that food from your diet period! Packaged whole nuts, seeds, nut butter, whole grains, beans etc. are just fine as they are whole and unprocessed in their natural form. Better yet, find these items in the bulk section at your local market to save on plastic packaging. Generally the bulk food items are fresher as well.

Caffeine and alcohol are acidic to the body and are best eliminated during our cleanse. If you are thinking “You’re crazy lady! I am definitely not giving up caffeine.” I hear you! Our recommendation is to switch to green tea instead of coffee or choose a low-acid cold brew variety. And, stick to just one cup.

Again, it is best to begin reducing or eliminating caffeine and alcohol three days prior to the start of your cleanse. Begin this process with cutting down by thirds each day.


Number 4: Rest, Relaxation, Meditation

Plan for rest, relaxation and meditation. Now is the time to get your calendar out and plan in your all your self-care practices during your 7 day cleanse.

Cleansing is not a time to take on new projects, new intensive exercise routines or activities that cause you stress. Cleansing is a time to get that extra bit of rest and relaxation. To the best of your ability, plan to initiate the relaxation response during this time by reducing unnecessary stressors in your life.

Practicing restorative yoga or another gentle form of movement, meditate daily, go to bed early and plan for an extra hour of sleep here and there. Do not overbook yourself. Plan a self-care evening consisting of a bath, steam or sauna. Put your legs up the wall (click here for info on this yoga pose- link to one of my blog posts).

Breath deep. Choosing wisely those whom you surround yourself with, making sure these people and situations are supportive and uplifting.

Number 5: Think Green – Oh, the Humble Green Vegetable

The master healer and ultimate cleaner of the body. Associated with the heart center of the body. Green foods nourish our heart, help prevent heart disease, encourage healthy blood circulation, keep the heart and lungs healthy and are now so abundant in our food supply that it’s easier than ever to include them in your daily meal plan. Start as soon as you read this to include something green at every meal. Include vibrant green spinach or kale in your morning smoothie (recipe link or my smoothie builder guide).

Consume a large green salad with an array of bitter, sweet and savory greens for example: mustards, arugula, baby lettuce, baby kale, Asian greens. Saute up some broccoli romanesco, green pepper and onion or your favorite green veggie in some coconut oil to go with your curried lentils or protein of choice.

The thought here is to start replacing large amounts of animal products with greener, leaner choices. Start now to eliminate heavy dairy and animal foods and replace those with green plants and loads of vegetables with your choice of light protein.

And lastly, remember : Choose Organic, Local, Seasonal Produce. Shop at your local farmers markets!!