Pink Beets Latte

Customer Creation - by our very own Wendy Cochran!


This delicious and vibrant pink beets latte is the perfect replacement for your morning coffee, to provide you with a boost of energy to help you power through your day!



1 scoop Revive Beets + Roots

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

Oat creamer

Sweetener of choice (optional)

Cinnamon, cardamom or ginger (optional)



- Whisk beets powder and coconut milk together, or use a coffee frother to fully combine. Heat this mixture on the stove over medium-low hear or in the microwave.

- Add in spices and sweetener of your choice to the heated mixture and combine with a spoon or frother.

- Using a milk foaming pitcher or frother, vigorously mix some oat creamer in a small bowl until it becomes thick and creamy, pour over your latte and enjoy!