What is a Smart Juice Cleanse?

A smart juice cleanse is just that: SMART. 

S: Systematic
M: Mindful
A: Appealing
R: Restful
T: Therapeutic

Lets dive in a little deeper:

A SMART juice cleanse begins with being systematic.Systematic in the sense that each ingredient is chosen to enhance and fortify the other ingredients in each juice. The process is then taken one step further to ensure ultimate nutrition through the addition of a proprietary blend of plant-sourced, organic vitamins and minerals sourced from fruits, flowers, and vegetables, and exotic herbs such as the Moringa leaves and Amla Gooseberries.

From the production of each juice blend to the well thought out schedule of juices and clean meal consumption, every process has its system and is planned out to help reach the desired outcome of a clean, whole body reset.

A SMART juice cleanse is Mindful. It is possible to eat bountiful amounts of veggies and not assimilate the nutrition into your cells if you are not aware. Being aware of your eating or drinking experience is just as important as the ingredients you are consuming. When you are present for each sip of juice, releasing as many distractions as possible, you are setting up your body and mind to receive the full nutritional benefits of each sip and bite.

Have you ever tried to eat over-cooked broccoli? It is limp without any sign of vibrancy or color? Yuk! We have all had an experience or two when the meal in front of us is rather dull and not appealing to the eyes or taste buds. The absence of appeal restricts the flow of saliva and perhaps all hunger cues come to a screeching halt. There is a special term in eating psychology known as the Cephalic Phase Digestive Response.

This response helps explain why food that is Appealing, ie. food that gets the taste buds perked and saliva generating, is an important part of any cleanse. 30 to 40% of our total digestive response of a meal is due to our Cephalic Phase Digestive Response. So if we want to assimilate and integrate food it to its full capacity, it is smart to include tasty, whole, vibrant, fresh, raw foods to the table. When thinking of your clean meal each day, remember to make it appealing to the eyes and tastebuds and your whole cleanse experience will be amplified that much more.

This is a short and simple one: Rest is where it is at. During a cleanse, try to take it easy. It is okay to get plenty of rest if you need it! Resting is actually the smartest choice you can make during a cleanse, to honor what your body is yearning for, whether that be rest, a bath or a steam. A cleanse is generally not the best time to start a rigorous workout routine. Save that for when you are refreshed and invigorated after your cleanse is complete.

A SMART juice cleanse is Therapeutic, aiming to be short-lived and with the intention to give a certain benefit or outcome. We come full circle here and remember that a smart juice cleanse is well thought out or systematic to maintain a therapeutic effect. Through giving the body short rests from processed foods and added stressors and instead flooding the body with high vibrancy organic raw fruits and vegetables, resting, and eating with awareness, we are able to thoroughly transform our bodies and minds into the most radiant, energized form they can be.

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