Why Pineapple Cleanse is the "Crown Jewel" of SMART Pressed® Juices

It is no secret that a high fiber diet can help support healthy body weight, energy production, promote a healthy gut. Yet the average American diet consists of high intakes of protein as well as carbs that are deficiently low in fiber. As a result, most Americans need to increase their fiber intake. 

Most fiber products on the market contain only soluble fiber, due to its low cost plus high fiber claim. Unfortunately, consuming a large amount of soluble fiber causes most people to experience gas and bloating.  The SMART solution is to combine all dietary fiber: soluble, insoluble, and resistant starches along with nutrient dense activated fibrous superfoods in the form of seeds and sprouts. Our Pineapple Cleanse is formulated to deliver just that!  Here is an in-depth look at the ingredients that make up our fiber the smartest choice out there.

Organic Flax Seed and Organic Chia Seed

Flaxseed and chia seed both contain high mucilage (gelling fiber) content, which can increase nutrient absorption and colon detoxification. Containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, these two superfood seeds also contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (good for hearth health support)*, lignans (antioxidants), and significant amounts of micro nutrients (calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1). SMART Pressed® juice powders contain flaxseed and chia seed that are organic certified and cold milled. Cold milling means no heat is used during processing, which allows us to turn them into “powder sized” seeds while keeping their nutrients intact.

One thing you may not know about chia seeds if you've never tried them before - when they are dry, they are comparable to a poppy seed in taste and texture. However, when they are activated in water, they absorb liquid and become very plump. Don't be alarmed if you find the pineapple cleanse to be a thicker texture - this simply is a testament to healthy amount of chia seeds contained in this juice formula. 

Organic Psyllium Husk, Organic Fennel Seed and Organic Marshmallow Roots Herb

This trinity of high-fiber herbs each have different digestive functions that work synergistically to improve the process of elimination, which can be difficult during a juice cleanse or even when consuming a typical American diet. First off, the psyllium husks act by helping your body absorb water, which in turn, softens stools. 

Next, fennel seeds stimulate the release gastric and digestive juices, thus supporting healthy digestive functions.  Lastly, marshmallow roots produces mucous membranes that helps repair and smooth out stomach lining, supporting the overall digestive functions.

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin

Inulin is a water-soluble fiber found in plants.  While there are many benefits of Jerusalem artichoke inulin, SMART Juice Pineapple Cleanse is using it for its prebiotic function. Being an oligosaccharide, a compound consisting of simple sugars, inulin passes through our large and small intestines unabsorbed.  This process naturally ferments inulin to feed the friendly gut bacteria.  Among its many important functions, the friendly gut bacteria assist in breaking down food and absorption of nutrients. 

Organic Activated Sprouts

SMART Pressed® Juice Pineapple Cleanse contains organic amaranth sprout, organic quinoa sprout, organic millet sprout, organic pumpkin sprout, organic spelt sprout, organic broccoli sprout, organic lentil sprout and organic white kidney bean sprout. Why do we use so many sprouts - and why do we choose activated seed sprouts? The answer is because sprouts are highly nutritious - and activated seed sprouts are even more so!

Activated seed sprouts are made even more potent through the pre-spouting, of stored protein and carbohydrates into active enzymes and vitamins.  Foods with live enzymes deliver more energy and nutrients to the body, thus activating the metabolic enzymes, which allows the cells in the body to perform their function.  In this case, we are looking for better absorption of nutrients.

Pineapple, Enzymes and Probiotics

We love pineapple for many of its benefits - it is naturally sweet and low-calorie, yet jam-packed with nutrients and dietary fiber. What is further unique about pineapple is the abundance of bromelain, an enzyme that specifically to breaks down protein. 

To enhance pineapple's natural benefits, we included a group of enzymes to support healthy breaking down and digestions of all food types. We use amylase to assist with breaking down starch, protease for protein, cellulase for plant fiber, lactase for milk sugar, and lipase for fats and fatty acids. In addition, we added a hardy probiotic, bacillus coagulans, a widely researched strain that supports healthy digestive and immunity functions. Lastly, we added pineapple flavor (essence) and organic monk fruit extract to improve the experience of this product.  

As you can see, our formula is carefully crafted to provide an array of health advantages from which everyone can benefit. Try it as part of our 7 Day Juice Cleanse for maximum results! If you have already tried our pineapple cleanse, leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!