The Smartest Plant-Based Solution

SMART Pressed Juice is produced by a group of friends brought together with a mission to create a smarter way to juice. We truly believe there is no better medicine on earth more powerful than the humble green vegetable. Phytonutrients and antioxidants are some of the most powerful therapies in the world, which is why we created the smartest juice around. 

Most of us simply don't get enough organic vegetables in a day. We need between 8 - 10 servings of a wide variety of veggies to keep our bodies functioning at our best. Not only that, we need all the good things that plants can offer – proteins, nutrients, fibers and omegas. Our team of experts have taken years to carefully craft recipes that unlock the full potential of plant-based solutions. Our juices were made to incorporate the widest variety of veggies we have seen – over 50 so that we get the best that nature has to offer. 

Our award-winning juices have been described as the tastiest juices of all – even to those who have never tried a pressed juice before. Best of all, they keep you full and satiated all day so that you never have to feel hungry while juicing. Our juices are made from raw, organic fruits and vegetables that are freshly pressed and dehydrated immediately after harvest to lock in nutrients at their peak. 

All our juices are produced locally in Southern California and are certified USDA organic. Not only that, our juices are proudly vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Each batch of SMART Pressed Juice then goes through quality testing to ensure that our juices are always nutritious, pure and ready to drink. Now isn't that SMART?


Meet the SMART Pressed Team

This is the founding team that truly puts all their smarts and love into their juice. We are proud to be a minority and women-owned group of juice experts that believe that our health is the most important savings account we can invest in.


Annie Niou Vonheim

Annie spent over 15 years training medical doctors worldwide on nutrition and organic plant-based solutions for chronic disease management. She realized that there needed to be an accessible way for people to get a wider variety of organic veggies, the most powerful medicine on earth. She got together with some of her smartest friends and SMART Pressed Juice was born. 


Jen Sevilla-Chen

Jen is an high-powered attorney who is always on the go, but loves to drink organic pressed juices. Always seeking the best in organic and food-based solutions that work for busy people, she immersed herself head-on into the organic industry. She brings her vast knowledge of corporate law to the SMART Pressed team and leads our juice operations. Someone's got to do it right! 


Radiah Rhodes

Nobody knows health and beauty like Radiah. With over 20 years executive experience in the largest cosmetics companies, she learned that real beauty comes from within. Radiah makes sure the SMART Pressed brand is always stylish, inspirational and the classiest juice there is.